Desiring Dead Flesh - punk from mid-michigan
Desiring Dead Flesh is an old school style hardcore Punk band from Mid-Michigan! Read Bio Below

For Booking, Show Info, Questions contact Bryan at Desiring Dead Flesh dot com or call or txt 989 area code 714 - 6839

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Desiring Dead Flesh is a hardcore punk band from the Saginaw Bay Michigan. This is Bryan, the singer (to use the term loosely) here to give you a little information about the band. I'm not good at writing a 'professional' bio written in the 3rd person (you know, writing a bunch of b.s. about your own band but writing like somebody else is saying these great things about you). So, I'm just going to tell you about the band from my perspective.

In the summer of 2000 (after surviving y2k) I decided to start my first band - Desiring Dead Flesh. I'd already been running shows, running sound and doing anything I could to help the Mid-Michigan Underground and Christian scenes. While loving the scene and the people in it, I was getting more and more frustrated with it. Starting the band gave me another 'voice' in our scene, a chance to vent. I wanted to put together the type of band promoters like to work with more than once: at least on the basis of attitude and 'show ethics' - the music is a separate issue - and try to make a difference in our scene. 12 years later, Desiring Dead Flesh is still writing songs, playing shows, having fun and still hoping to make a difference.
Desiring Dead Flesh takes a couple of the elements I liked about punk when I first came to the scene.. Short, Fast, Energetic songs with lots of gang vocals and circle pits while singing about 'something' not just singing an 'oh baby' song just to be popular - punk the way I remember it. Musically generally speaking Desiring Dead Flesh is a Pseudo 80's hardcore punk band (Pseudo meaning we were not really there playing it, we just want to sound like it) but everybody who has been in the band has brought their influences to the band. In the late 80s and early 90's I loved bands like The Lead, The Crucified, Crashdog, Steve Taylor, The Scattered Few, Nobody Special... I consider them and Mid-Michigan's local scene my major influences on Desiring Dead Flesh. Lyrically I write about wide range of things: Our Scene (God Save The Scene, Unity Beyond, Red White and Booze, Chords), My Family (Welcome to the other side, A Day with Dad, Pain and Peace), Faith (Kmart's Parking Lot, Unappreciated, Hijacked, If I Stop, Call Us Dicks), 'The News' (God Bless Afghanistan, Postpartum Abortion, Don't Talk to Family) with some humor songs thrown in too (Cannibal, Polar Bear Apocalypse, Stop The Fire, Magically Tough). I write all the words. The views and opinions expressed are mine and may or may not be those of the other members past or present.

The Current Line is:
Words: Bryan Hampton
Drums: Adam Hampton
Bass: Jay Elithorp
Guitar: Alley Saenz
Distorted: Cameron Winn

Thanks for checking out Desiring Dead Flesh. Listen to some songs, come out to a show and have some fun with us.